Road safety for motorcyclists

I'm Andy Adlington motorcycle officer for the road safety partnership.

Andy Adlington

My job is to help fellow bikers to stay safe while enjoying the freedom of the road. Im here to support you whether youre a leisure biker who loves our country roads or a commuter trying to get to work on time.

Riding a bike for so many years has helped me to understand the challenges faced by bikers today. I was lucky enough to survive two crashes during my teens and the pain from the pin in my knee reminds me how close I came to missing out on a lifetime of biking.

These days I get too much pleasure from riding to risk it all with a dodgy manoeuvre.

Since my last crash, the roads have got busier and the bikes have become more powerful being at the top of your game is more important than ever.

That's why we:

  • publish free motorcycle safety magazine Ride Smart (see below)
  • run regular BikeSafe workshops for qualified motorcyclists who want to improve their skills (see web link at bottom of page for more details)
  • offer a great discount on CBT Plus training for new riders (see flyer below)
  • run a facebook page designed to help motorcyclists stay safe - (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)
  • share safety tips at motorcycle events between April and September - keep an eye on the news section of the website for details
  • visit schools and colleges to talk to student riders about staying in control on today's busy roads.


Happy biking!

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