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Group of motorcyclists riding through town

Advanced rider training

We work closely with our local advanced rider groups. Here's what they say about themselves and why you may wish to join them as part of our subsidised scheme

IAM Derbyshire Advanced Motorcyclists

IAM Derbyshire Advanced Motorcyclists have been delivering advanced rider courses for over 20 years, making riders safer and delivering more fun to every ride. In 2015, the group was awarded second place in the IAM Group Achievement Awards, judged against 95 other IAM Motorcycle Groups in the UK. In 2016, our group achieved a 100% test pass success rate, with around 40% of riders achieving the highest test score possible. A subsidy is available to Derbyshire residents, making the IAM Roadsmart advanced rider course even more accessible.

To find out more about joining one of the most successful and distinguished advanced rider groups in the country, contact Paul Goldsmith tel: 07822 827212 or email:

The Matlock (Derwent and Hope valleys) Group

The Matlock (Derwent and Hope valleys) Group of the IAM is based in and around the Peak District, with some of the most scenic roads in the county. The group has both motorcycle and car observers and covers a wide area of the county. They have meeting venues at Matlock, Calver and Darley Dale, and most of their advice is given on a one to one basis.

Shorter ride check courses are available.

For more details please contact Bill Storey, tel: 01629 812732 or email:

Derby RoSPA motorcycle group

We are the sole RoSPA group in the county focused on the provision of high quality motorcycle training. Our aim is to help existing motorcyclists gain the skills and knowledge to achieve the standard for the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test.

Our main focus is road safety, but that does not mean we don’t like to have fun riding bikes. Quite the opposite, the group provides an active social network, featuring organised social ride outs, group meetings and functions, all aimed at the development and maintenance of advanced skills.

For information on joining our happy group please email:

A subsidy is available to Derbyshire residents, making advanced rider courses even more accessible. All subsidies are subject to availability of funding and may not always be available.