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Cars driving on a motorway

Casualty figures

Details of the casualties that occurred on roads in the partnership area in 2020.

The annual casualty report shows what has been achieved in road traffic casualty reduction within our area, as well as detailed analysis of casualty trends for different road user groups.

The analysis in the report will help road safety professionals to decide what they need to do to prevent road deaths and injuries in the future.

Details of casualties that occurred on roads in the partnership area in 2020:

  • 18 people were killed
  • 265 people were badly hurt
  • 1,627 people slightly hurt

A full breakdown of the casualty figures is attached to this page.


The partnership uses collision figures to help it work out where to concentrate its efforts. The partnership's current priorities are:

  • motorcyclists
  • young drivers
  • people who drive for work

Older car drivers of 60 years and over, adult pedal cyclists and pedestrians are already priorities for Derbyshire County Council and the partnership supports these priorities.

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