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I'm Andy Adlington – a road safety officer for the road safety team.

Part of my job is to help bikers to stay safe while enjoying the freedom of the road. I’m here to support you whether you’re a leisure biker who loves our country roads or a commuter trying to get to work on time.

That's why we:

  • offer a range of great training subsidies to bikers wishing to upgrade their skills. We’ve got something for everyone from complete beginners to those with many years’ experience including:

    • CBT Plus
    • advanced rider training
    • Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)
  • produce an electronic map of motorcycle incidents and information to support our Shiny Side Up signs campaign
  • promote Bare Bones 2: a campaign that encourages young riders to wear protective clothing at all times
  • visit schools and colleges to talk to student riders about staying in control on today's busy roads
  • promote ‘Know the dangers’ a 3D campaign designed to highlight the most common causes of collisions for motorcyclists

Happy biking!