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You have an important part to play in keeping your children safe on the roads. You need to take steps to protect them whether they’re walking, cycling or travelling as a passenger in the car.

The law says that passengers under the age of 12 must use some form of child car seat unless they are 135cm tall or above. The type of seat a child needs depends on how much he or she weighs. You can get advice about choosing and fitting child car seats.

Children receive road safety education at school but it’s important for them to hear safety messages at home as well. Start discussing road safety with your children before they reach school age and continue to talk about it regularly.

Traffic is the biggest cause of accidental death among 12 to 16-year-olds. So it's important to keep talking about road safety once your children reach secondary school. As children get older they're more likely to get distracted by their mates, their mobiles and their music players when crossing the road. Remind them that they need to give the road their full attention.

Teaching children about road safety from an early age will also help to prepare them for the challenges they'll face if they decide to learn to drive.