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Children's feet crossing the road

Road safety for pedestrians

All pedestrians should follow the Green Cross Code when crossing the road.

Parents are responsible for deciding when their children are safe to cross the road without supervision. The ‘Parents’ section on this website gives advice for parents who want to teach their children about road safety.  

Green cross code

  1. Think first – find a place where you can see in all directions then stop. If possible use a subway, footbridge, traffic island or crossing. Avoid trying to cross near parked cars, blind bends and the brows of hills

  2. Stop – stand on the pavement near the kerb

  3. Use your eyes and ears – look all around for traffic and listen

  4. Wait until it’s safe to cross – if traffic is coming let it pass

  5. Look and listen – when there’s no traffic near walk straight across the road

  6. Keep looking and listening for traffic as you cross